Richard Griffin In His Local Park!

Richard Griffin

Hi there!

Image Relaxation Videos

Learn to relieve stress and anxiety with a combination of:

  • Nature scenes; and
  • Relaxing music and/or sounds; and
  • Relaxation techniques.

This site is dedicated to providing image relaxation video information and products to help you reduce stress and anxiety by relaxing you during either am image relaxation video session, or by watching an ambient background video.

My aim

To provide you with great image relaxation videos and related information and advice.

My Mission

To create or assist you in finding great image relaxation videos that best suit you in order to give you a relaxing experience.

My Products and/or Services

Informational blog posts and articles about image relaxation videos.

Image relaxation videos and audio’s (MP3’s) such as: ocean waves and waterfalls, etc.

Check back on a regular basis for more posts and image relaxation videos. PLUS – I will be developing my own range of “Image Relaxation Videos, audio’s and DVDs”.

My Story

My name is Richard Griffin and although not a professional, I have always been an enthusiastic hiker and taker of photographs in the natural environment.

I have a condition called Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), which means that my kidney function is slowly reducing over time and will eventually lead to kidney failure and dialysis.

Apparently, stress and anxiety can cause an adrenalin rush which can accelerate the growth of cysts in my kidneys and hence accelerate the decline of my kidneys.

It is for this reason why I, probably more than many people, try to avoid situations which cause me stress or anxiety.

It was for this reason that I decided to work at home and work on my own. Going out to work and dealing with other people and their agendas caused me to be stressed and anxious. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like to:

  1. Be late for any meetings;
  2. Fail to meet deadlines;
  3. Let people down.

Working on my own at home means that I can avoid dealing with people and deadlines. I can work alone and create my own work schedule and targets. However, even working on my own I seem to get a bit stressed and anxious when I don’t stick to my own schedule or meet my own targets.

So, I needed to find something to do:

  1. That avoided travel;
  2. That involved working on my own;
  3. Where nobody was dependent on me.

Since my teenage years I have keen keen on walking in the natural environment and taking photographs. When looking back at my photographs I decided it would be great to use some of my scenic photographs in what I now term “Image Relaxation Videos”, or relaxation video. Creating image relaxation videos would enable me to enjoy my photographs more.

Image Relaxation Videos combine:

  1. Photographs or video clips of the natural environment;
  2. With relaxing music and/or other audio.

So I decided I would combine my interests of walking and photography with business. Thus this www.ImageRelaxationVideos.com website has been developed over time as part of my business to provide relaxation products and services that are beneficial to myself, and hopefully other people.

This website is part of my business and in order fund it I may place advertisements on site and/or promoting affiliate products and services on the site that I feel are beneficial to readers.

I hope you find time to take a look around my blog and that you find the information I provide to be useful. If you find any post on this blog useful then please like it or share it with your friends.

Best Regards,

Richard Griffin