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A Guided Visualization Meditation For Healing And Refreshing You By TheHonestGuys

Guided Meditation – A ‘Time-out’ Visualisation Meditation to Heal and Refresh ©

Take a time-out, and allow this guided meditation to relax, heal, and refresh you…


This guided relaxation video is also a guided visualization meditation video. Created by TheHonestGuys, it is 5 minutes 39 seconds long and uses visualization techniques that focus on a single theme of the guided visualization meditation for healing relaxation. It uses a combination of still video and still images of nature scenes. There is also a male instructor voiceover to guide you through guided visualization techniques whilst a combination of nature sounds and relaxing music is played in the background. There are also a few special effects used like superimposing images together with zooming and panning.

Video Components


The main theme of this guided visualization meditation video is well focused on guided visualization, more specifically the guided visualization meditation for healing relaxation. There is also a secondary image relaxation theme based around landscape and beach nature scenes to aid visualization meditation and relaxation and support the guided visualization meditation theme.


The audio used in this guided visualization meditation video contains the voice of the male instructor. The tone and pace of the instructor is nice and relaxing tone and there is also relaxing music and nature sounds played in the background.


The verbal instructions given by the male instructor in this guided visualization meditation video are clear and detailed. After a very brief title screen, the male instructor begins to speak at 16 seconds:

I want you to imagine, you are on holiday and you are walking through the grounds of the magnificent hotel where you are staying.
As you walk through the grounds, you behold a beautiful garden covered with brightly coloured flowers.
You can smell the scent of the flowers.
The lavender.
The fragrance of the roses.
And, the newly mown grass.
Carry on walking through the grass and flowers, until you reach a footbridge which passes over a stream.
You can hear the water, as it splashes over the stones, making a rippling sound.
The bridge leads from the garden, down to the beach beyond.
Pause a while, and take in the beauty which meets your eye.
The white coral sand stretching as far as the eye can see, meeting up with the warm, clear, crystal blue sea.
With its soft warm white sand.
Stop a while.
Remove your shoes.
Feel the texture of the sand as it curls between your toes.
Continue walking through the sand, until you come to a beautiful palm tree.
Listen to the sound of the breeze as it blows through the branches.
Pause and sit down on the sand.
Lean your back against the bark of the tree, as you shield yourself from the rays of the sun.
Feel the warmth through your body as you rest a while.
Out the corner of your eye, you see some sailing boats with bright coloured sails of red, yellow and blue.
Your thoughts wander, and you try to imagine sailing one of these boats, as they glide silently through the water, with their bright sails billowing in the wind.
After a while, you stand, and start to walk down to the water’s edge.
As you stroll, slowly into the sea, with the waves lapping over your feet, you feel the cool of the water and you hear the sound of the waves in the distance, as they crash onto the rocks.
You can smell the beautiful, clean, clear, sea air.
You may wish to remain in this deeply relaxed state for a while after this recording has ended, in which case you don’t need to do anything right now.
When you are ready to resume your day, simply take a few deep breaths and open your eyes.


There are a number of scenes used in this guided meditation visualization video which are a variety of nature scenarios. A few early scenes are of landscapes and the majority that follow are ocean and beach scenes. All scenes aim to create a relaxing visual environment for the viewer.


The scene of this guided meditation visualization techniques video show images of trees, mists, skies, clouds, sun, a sunrise, grass, bushes, plants, flowers, streams, oceans, water, waves, beaches, sand, hills, mountains, boats and a sunset. The image sizes used for the image relaxation aspect of this guided visualization meditation video are all the same size and fill the screen completely. Each image is displayed for a good length of time which serves to aid the focusing of attention and relaxation.


The transition types between images for the image relaxation aspect of this guided visualization meditation video are simple cross fades which help maintain a relaxed state. The transition times between images are varied, dependent on the position in the video but are generally nice and slow which help maintain a relaxed state.

Special Techniques

This video also uses a zooming and panning technique to give the feeling of motion which I think aids relaxation. In addition, a special effect is used where one scene is superimposed onto another, like in a partially cross faded state. This gives a dream like effect to the images.

A Guided Visualization Meditation For Healing And Refreshing You By TheHonestGuys


This guided visualization techniques video is excellent at taking you through a guided visualization meditation for healing relaxation. the session is done at a relaxed pace with a relaxed tone of voice from the male instructor. There are relaxing nature sounds and relaxing music and the instructions are clear and detailed. It also has an excellent simple image relaxation video aspect to it, displaying landscape and beach nature scenes, which is also great for visualization meditation and relaxation.

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